Trade Deal Watch joins Liberation inc.

Trade Deal Watch is pleased to announce that it will be teaming up with Liberation inc, the freedom incubator.

Our campaign has a cosy, ‘start up’ vibe but we’ve got big ambitions and so partnering with a campaign incubator like Liberation inc. makes perfect sense.

First on the agenda will be a website and campaign relaunch and from there, ramping up our social media reach and supporter base.

Our campaign focus will remain, as ever, the UK’s post-Brexit trade deals, buy-outs and policies. As part of our partnership with Liberation inc, we will now be adding a question to our platform: “free-trade: who does it liberate?” as part of the Liberation network’s aims to promote a social and liberal future, challenging both the right-wing libertarians and the growing number of ‘illiberal democrats’ around the world.

We are excited and pleased to join this movement, especially at a time when the world is facing so many existential crises from the Climate Crisis to

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