Free-trade: who does it liberate?

Trade affects everything from the climate crisis to food in the supermarkets to jobs. But is free-trade always 'liberating' for everyone? Sign up to get trade-deal updates straight to your inbox.

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Transparent government and business are needed to empower citizens

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Trade should not be conducted at the expense of some

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Free trade should be liberating, not just for a few

UK-US trade?

Chlorinated chicken?

What's on the table for the post-Brexit trade deal between the UK and US? From hormone beef to our NHS, click the button to find out more.

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A lot has happened since Trade Deal Watch was founded in August 2016. For a start, Brexit. And on top of that, all of the campaigning and activities that formed around opposition to “the Brexit deal” (not least from our current, pro-Brexit PM.) Now that it’s 2020, Brexit is both something that ‘got done‘ in […]

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Trade Deal Watch joins Liberation inc.

Trade Deal Watch is pleased to announce that it will be teaming up with Liberation inc, the freedom incubator. Our campaign has a cosy, ‘start up’ vibe but we’ve got big ambitions and so partnering with a campaign incubator like Liberation inc. makes perfect sense. First on the agenda will be a website and campaign […]

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