DExEU plans for Ireland's borders

Brexit position paper: Northern Ireland and Ireland

August 16, 2017 Rob Davidson 2

Today the government has released its second Brexit position paper, this time focusing on the Irelands. It follows from yesterday’s position paper about customs arrangements […]

Theresa May, quotes: Brexit made me do it

Brexit, the best excuse since austerity

October 6, 2016 Rob Davidson 1

The Conservative Party conference is turning out to be full of surprises. Theresa May has promised an Ed Miliband manifesto of investment, intervention and One […]

Liam Fox

Liam Fox is stuck in the 18th Century

September 29, 2016 Rob Davidson 0

Liam Fox¬†gave a speech at the WTO today where he showed himself to be stuck in the past. Harking back to Adam Smith and the […]


Brexit means?

September 12, 2016 Rob Davidson 2

Theresa May has¬†persistently repeated “Brexit means Brexit” but as has been pointed out, this is a vacuous or meaningless phrase. The question ‘to Brexit or […]